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Are you getting the window cleaning service you deserve?

If you manage a high-rise administrative or residential building and need help cleaning the windows then you will be only too aware of the difficulty in finding a reputable window servicing company that will deliver the results you are looking for.

The exterior of your high-rise tower block or condominium should be just as appealing as the interior and here at Reliable Choice Contracting Inc, we believe in full building maintenance, making sure that the exterior of your building is cleaned together with the windows.

For example, in addition to cleaning windows, our service extends to surrounding areas such as frame cleaning and restoration, removing debris and clearing gutters.

We clean windows frames of all styles on buildings of all heights. At Reliable Choice Contracting Inc, we adhere to a strict Health and Safety policy relevant to low-rise and high-rise window cleaning.

So why do window frames and panels get so dirty, so quickly even though we have a window cleaner?

Easy – window cleaners simply clean the glass and although they might do a good job, they don’t pay attention to the equally important areas – the frames and panels. Window frame cleaning is usually an additional service and will have to be scheduled as part of the window cleaning service, to ensure that the rest of your building is properly maintained.

Sticky soap residue that is usually not properly rinsed sufficiently by previous cleaning, tends to lodge around the edge and surfaces of the frames, causing damage and deterioration. Furthermore, if this is allowed to build up over time, it will result in discolouration. Other factors that affect and deteriorate window frames and panels includes oxidation and mineral deposits which won’t just look dreary but will mean the frames and panels need to be restored or replaced entirely. A completely unnecessary expense when this does not have to happen in the first place.

Our window frame/panel cleaning and restoration service includes:

  1. Cleaning of mineral deposit/staining on architectural glass and window frames.
  2. Anodized aluminium frame cleaning and restoration.
  3. Aluminium composite panel/metal cleaning and restoration.
  4. Vinyl window frames cleaning and restoration.
  5. Restoration of faded aluminium window frames, painting and coating.
  6. Cleaning off leaching from deteriorated caulking/coating.
  7. Cleaning of surface oxidation from window frames.
  8. Power washing, sanding and painting, to restore faded, painted aluminium frames.

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