Tiles and Grout Cleaning

You already know that regular mopping just isn’t making the grade anymore; it simply doesn’t reach the grime that lies deep in the pores within those grout lines between the tiles. As for hand-cleaning…put that toothbrush down now!

The cleaning technology we use helps to shift all stubborn dirt and grease build up without damaging the fragile surface.

Many cleaning companies use a high pressure washing system. While this deep cleans the surface, it is a vigorous technique which can damage the grout and tile leaving you with the additional service of re-sealing the entire surface.

At Reliable Choice Contracting Inc., our technicians achieve much better results with the use of a rotating brush and scrubbing application that will not deface the seal or ruin the surface protective layer.

Once the tile is clean, a finishing sealer coat can be applied across the entire floor surface or just the grout itself. The sealant penetrates the grout surface to create a protective barrier against spills and permanent stains, also ensuring that future tile and grout cleanings yield the best possible results.

Our technicians will inspect your floor to make a proper assessment and to confirm the best course of treatment – an important part of the service. Too many cleaning companies fail to make the initial assessment to determine the most suitable techniques, instead using a comprehensive approach to tile and grout cleaning: the high pressure water system.

Warning the high pressure water system used by the majority of cleaning companies could cause unnecessary damage to your floor resulting in further cost….Don’t let this happen to you.

Although this type of system can be used, its application is usually limited to extremely dirty, exterior/interior floors that other optional application cannot provide adequate result.     Improper use of this system will:

  • Completely remove any protective coating on the surface of your floor.
  • Result in the potentially pointless task of re-sealing the entire surface of the tile and grout, rather than just the exposed grout alone.
  • High pressure water system will cost 20% to 50% more in the long run. 

Don’t pour money down the drain…

As evidence of the trust we have in our own system, we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our tile and grout cleaning service.

If you have any questions about tile & grout cleaning or need assistance, please book our free,
No-Obligation Evaluation now or get in touch with us at Reliable Choice Contracting

Tiles and Grout Cleaning – Completed – Photo Gallery

Tiles and Grout Cleaning – Not Completed – Photo Gallery

Tiles and Grout Cleaning – Before & After

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