Power Washing

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Is your store front, business, walls, floors, warehouse, parking garage etc…. becoming grimy and dirty….? Mold, mildew, algae and moss keeping your property from looking fresh?..or are you just in need of a restoration service for your building walls brick or surfaces…..?

We can come to your rescue with our ultra-powerful Hot/Cold/steam pressure washing service with over 5000 psi pressure. The quality of our work is a hallmark of Reliable Choice Contracting Inc. We can clean and maintain virtually any surface you can imagine.

Areas that frequently require jet/power washing, include:

  • Bin / Garbage sites
  • Car parks
  • Fire escape staircases and walkways
  • Fire damage or restoration service
  • Exterior walls and graffiti removal
  • Patios and terraces
  • Play areas
  • Exterior grounds
  • Exterior Brick walls/Restoration cleaning
  • Industrial/Warehouse/facility floors or wall surfaces
  • Exterior Windows/frames with concrete on surfaces.
  • Industrial machinery
  • New homes/commercial building Exterior Bricks or walls.

Our jet/power, washing experts are extensively trained in safety and experienced in using various power washing techniques to achieve the best results. If a high pressure washer is not used properly, serious damage can result. Furthermore, many pressure washers on the market are cheap but not as effective, ideal for washing cars and nothing more. For an immaculate deep clean, or restoration service, look no further…. Our power washing service covers Commercial, Retail, Industrial and Domestic premises/projects



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Are you using a Licensed, Insured and Bonded Contractor or Company?

Are you aware of the fact that, if the person providing services at your home or business is not insured or covered by WSIB/WCB (Workers compensation), you as the business, or property owner, can be held legally responsible for any injury, that occurs within your Property?

Therefore, if your current cleaning lady or any of your workers currently providing services at your business center, building or warehouse for several months, has an accident and end up with an injury, you can be legally required to pay for the hospital bills/therapy or any other related financial losses as a result of his/her injury.

Also note that if your unlicensed window cleaner that climbs ladders to clean your windows fall off the ladder, you can be held responsible for compensation on his injuries. Your home/property insurance can suffer a significant blow, including financial loses from your pocked.

While it’s nice to know that your current liability insurance might cover you in limited cases, where the cleaning person/contractor/staffing company damages your property, make sure you ask about worker’s compensation insurance (WSIB ONTARIO) (WCB ALBERTA) when hiring any company, to perform services at your property, building or business.…. just to avoid a major long term headache and financial lose.

Note that most insurance company’s will require that all staffing company or contractors, providing services in your home, building or business, must carry general liability insurance of minimum 2 million. Therefore, you will not be covered in most cases where your staffing company or contractor damages your property or any accident related damage.
Bonding is also very important when you hire or bring in someone into your home, or business to perform a service.

You might ask why?……. Because it is a type of insurance that businesses or companies purchase in case their employees steal from you. If a home cleaning company/contractor/staffing company is bonded, and an employee steal from you, the company can file a claim with their bonding insurance to have the item stolen replaced.

If the Company or business does not have this insurance and cannot afford to replace the stolen item, then you are out of luck….. Please do not put yourself in this terrible position, because you want a cheap service that could end up costing you several thousands or dollars.

Are you also aware of the fact that Canada revenue can require you pay back money you never knew you owed..? because the cleaning person or workers you have been using for several years as an unlicensed company, decides he /she is tired of working for you and decides to leave but then files a claim or report….all because he or she is just upset at you for whatever reason ?…..

You will regularly be considered as the employer of the unlicensed worker/workers or service provider, regardless if you have any valid employment agreement or not.

In this case you will be required to pay back all statutory deduction, that you probably have not been deducting, including any applicable benefits, holidays, vacations etc through the time or years this person or workers have been providing services for you…….this could run into thousands of dollar. Note that this is very common and happens very often, more than you can imagine, employers with this type of experiences just refuse to talk about it.
For your protection, as a homeowner/business, it is a BAD IDEA to allow a Staffing company, Cleaners or Contractors to perform services on your property unless they are Registered, Insured and Bonded with worker’s compensation. It is your responsibility that you ask and require to see a copy….DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM BECAUSE YOU WANT A CHEAP SERVICE AND WISH TO SAVE A COUPLE OF DOLLARS, IT IS SURELY NOT WORTH THE RISK.